David Pugh (Chairperson)

Fee Edwards (Finance)

Hi my name is Fee Edwards. Both my husband Tom and I went to a rural school in a farming community similar in size to Te Ranga. My husband’s family have been in Te Puke since the late 70s and we have been here for 19 years. We have three children, Harriott, George (currently in Totara class) and Tilly. I firmly believe that a rural school has the opportunity to provide students with a well-rounded outlook that will set them up to succeed and contribute in a positive manner to our larger communities as they move on to further their education and grow. I have a background in health with tertiary qualifications in Social Science, Nursing and Midwifery and a Master of Business Administration.I have worked in both Public and Private sectors in a variety of roles ranging from providing nursing and midwifery services a number of years ago through to sales and marketing for multinational companies, business development and senior management roles in the private sector. In these more senior roles I have develop a wide range of skills that have stood me in very good stead to set up and run our own business. In 2004 my husband and I founded EHC Orchard Management which we both enjoy working in still.I am passionate about creating a positive educational environment for our children and teachers so that they are encouraged and supported as they realise their full potential. I believe that it is the schools responsibility to work alongside parents in a transparent manner to ensure that our children are well prepared, strong, confident and resilient as they leave Te Ranga School and move onto High School.Te Ranga is a great country school with a lot to offer as we move into the future. I enjoy being part of the school community and part of the Friends of Te Ranga School group.I believe that a Board of Trustees should operate in a transparent manner with integrity and honesty, making sound responsible decisions that will ensure the school continues to thrive well into the future.


DanDan Schluter: (Property)

Hi my name is Dan Schluter. I am a large animal veterinarian and partner at Te Puke Vet Centre. I am married to Fiona and we have three children, Harrison, Ava and Madeleine, who all attend Te Ranga School.  The decision to send our children to Te Ranga School was influenced by the fact that both Fiona and myself attended small rural primary schools.  We believe that the community commitment, nurturing environment and achievement focus of Te Ranga will give our children the best start to their education.  I am proud to work alongside such a great team of teachers and parents associated with the PTA and the board of trustees.




Brendon Grylls (Health and Safety)


Tony Tamatea (Community and Publicity)


New Principal photo

Brendan Wilson: (Principal)

Te Ranga School has an outstanding reputation for producing positive outcomes for students.  It is a school that is well resourced, has quality teachers and is served by a community that is passionate and fully engaged.  The schools positive standing testifies to the hard work of this Board of Trustees, it’s dedicated staff and parents. I grew up in rural Southland and attended a school of a similar size and feel as Te Ranga.  I graduated from Otago University in 1998 and have previously taught in Mount Maunganui Intermediate, Te Puke Intermediate, Bethlehem College and in London.  Recently I completed my Masters in Educational Leadership.I am not only the principal, but I am a parent and a teacher at this school.  I have a daughter at Te Puke Intermediate, two daughters at Te Ranga and a son at St Andrews Preschool.  My wife Kim is actively involved in our community and has her own Physiotherapy practice. I believe that school leadership should attend to many aspects of school life but it’s core role should always come back to raising student achievement.  We need to be constantly asking ourselves how we can create an environment that produces better learning outcomes.  It is my endeavour  to ensure that together we achieve this.





Eileen Hansen: (Staff Rep)