Info for Parents

School Hours

7.55 am: School Bus arrival

8.30 am: School begins

10.15 – 10.35am: Morning interval

12.15 – 1.15am: Lunch interval

2.30 pm: School ends

2.35pm: Upper Te Matai Road bus departs

3.10 pm: Town bus departs

Emergency Closing

In the event of such extraordinary weather conditions such as flooding, high winds, problems with sewage or water etc, necessitating the emergency closure of the school, you would be notified by telephone or through a radio broadcast.

Scholastic Book Club

This school operates a system where books and software are available at reduced rates throughout the year. Three different clubs operate.

¨ ‘ABC’ and ‘Lucky’ for the young children

¨ ‘Arrow’ for the middle to senior children

¨ ‘Star’ for the seniors

Children will take home an order form. The closing date will be printed on the form. All Books/Software purchased give the school ‘bonus points’ allowing the school to purchase either books or software for the classrooms or library.


All homework is consolidation, research, or an opportunity for extension if the child desires. Whatever homework is set, please provide encouragement and praise, ensuring homework is returned to school on the set date.


A supply of essential stationery is held at the school. Children are notified of their requirements to begin the year at the end of the previous year. These may be purchased either at school or elsewhere if desired. If extra books are needed during the year children may purchase these by bringing money to school.

Clothing/Lost Property

Please name all items of clothing. Much time is spent trying to match clothing with owners. The lost property box is available for children and parents to check at any time. The lost property box is kept under the junior playground fort.


Being sun smart is an important health issue. All children are given a free Te Ranga hat to wear at school. The children must wear a sunhat and are encouraged to wear sunscreen lotion in summer and to make use of shady areas while eating lunch etc. Many outdoor activities in summer eg swimming sports, are scheduled to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is an important part of the Physical Education Curriculum. While the swimming pool is open, children are required to bring togs and a towel, unless parents have sent a note or contacted the Teacher. The pool is heated and this enables a longer swimmer season than would normally be available.

Emergencies and Accidents

Despite our best efforts, these do occur. Minor injuries are treated at school and we will contact you if we have any concerns.

Please ensure we have an up to date emergency phone number and the name of your family doctor, should it be needed. If you are not immediately available, we will take your child to the doctor and contact you as soon as we can.


It is important that the school is informed of any problems your child may have and you are asked to supply any relevant information on enrolment. Other problems will develop from time to time and you are asked to notify the school.

Some children have allergies or other problems that may necessitate medicine, pills, etc being available at school. Please ensure that children realise that medication must be handed in at the office and that they do not keep this in their bags. Could you please ensure:

¨ we have parent authorisation

¨ medication is labeled and the dose is clear

¨ that pills / medicine are replaced regularly

¨ that we are notified if medication is no longer required.

Health Checks

The Public Health Nurse is involved usually at the New Entrant and Year 7 level, but also as required. Your child is also likely to be checked by the Hearing/vision teacher from time to time. Year 7 pupils will also receive a Tetanus & Diphtheria inoculation and the 4th Polio dose if required. Parental permission is obtained for this.

Tech. Art Training

The Year 7 and 8 pupils travel to Te Puke Intermediate School by bus on Friday morning from 10.10 am to 1.00 pm. They study Workshop, Art, Information Technology and Food Technology.

Children must wear shoes and need an exercise book.

School Bus

The school buses are operated by the Te Puke Bus Services.

Bus eligible pupils are those who are:

(a) aged under ten years and live more than 3.2km from this school or

(b) aged ten years or over and live more than 4.8km from this school or

(c) disadvantaged through physical disablity


If you child travels by bus, he/she needs to be instructed in the correct procedures by parents, eg:

· where to wait

· what to do if it is wet

· the need to stay seated unless told otherwise

· on leaving the bus, the need to wait until the bus is well clear before crossing the road

· NEVER to move in front of the bus.

If meeting your children at the bus stop, please wait on the same side of the road as the bus stops so that they do not have to cross the road to you. The school requires notification by parents when bus children return home by other means or any other changes to the usual arrangements.

Pupil Absences

Please phone the school office, (07) 573 8032, if your child is absent. You may text our cellphone instead if that suits better, (021) 0228 3710. A phone call saves us the need to check. All absences from school need to be accounted for.

School Visits

We are keen to register any pre-schoolers in the area on our pre-school roll. This enables us to notify them of pre-school visits and also give roll predictions for the Ministry of Education. Please tell others about these visits as we are not always able to contact people who do not already have an association with the school.

Physical Education/Sport

This is an important daily curriculum activity and the children are expected to wear and carry suitable clothing and footwear to take part.

During swimming season all children are expected to participate each day unless the school has been notified to the contrary.

School Library

Books are an important factor in the development of your child’s reading. All classes make regular use of the library. As books are self chosen they may have been selected for interest rather than at your child’s current reading level. We suggest you share such books with your child.

School Donations

The Board of Trustees reviews our school fees annually. These donations go towards providing quality education for your child. Fees are currently set at $50.00 per child for the year.


A newsletter is usually sent home each fortnight on a Thursday. It is distributed on the basis of one per family and is given to the eldest child to deliver. It is designed to keep people informed of coming events, policy changes, and general matters on the everyday running of the school. You may need to check your child’s bag from time to time.

Appointment with Class Teachers

Teachers are happy to discuss pupil’s progress at any time during the year. If you wish to meet with the class teacher please call in or telephone to arrange a suitable time when they are free of classroom responsibilities.

Reporting to Parents

Personal interviews are usually held in Term 1 and 3 where parents and teachers can discuss each child in depth and develop strategies to assist with their learning. Work sample books go home every term for parents to view and comment on. In Term 4 a formal written report is issued.


These items are available at school for children to purchase. This year we will be trialing a Summer and Winter menu. Below is the Summer Menu. The Winter Menu will be added closer to Winter time.

Snacks: Morning Tea.
Corn Chips $1 a bag
Potato Chips $1 a bag Health Plus
Chocolate Biscuit 50cents Individually wrapped- reduced fat, reduced salt
Mince and vegetable Pie $1.80 (Heart Foundation Tick)
Mince and Cheese Pie $1.80 (Heart Foundation Tick)
Potato Top Pie $1.80 (Heart Foundation Tick)
Hotdog $1.80 (American Style)
Hawaiian Pizza $2.00 (Heart Foundation Tick)
Volcano $1.50 (Heart Foundation Tick)
Sausage Roll $1.00 Tropical Fruit Bowl $1.00
Moosie Chocolate $1.00 Moosie Strawberry $1.00
Zing Drinks $1.50 (Various Selection)