Kowhai Homework

In Kowhai Class homework is very low key. Children will come home with a book to read with you each night, and some sight words which were tricky in the book during reading instruction that day at school. Have your children write out each of the words 4 times… making sure they are forming the letters correctly 🙂 They will also have sight words to learn in their homework book, at their own pace. When they correctly finish each page, they get a sticker and a huge pat on the back from Mrs Blaauw. Make sure they have a rest and a snack before they start. Children often get VERY tired when they first start school as they are using up huge amounts of mental energy. If they cannot do their homework because of tiredness, shelve it for a day or two until they are more ready. Remember to praise your child often for his or her attempts. Learning to read and write and do mathematics for little children is as hard as it is for adults to learn to speak and write a foreign language. It is very tricky! I am always amazed at the end of the child’s first year at how far they have come and when the time is right, they soak everything right up. The main thing is to have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.


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