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  •  The duration of the hunt shall be from Midday Thursday 6th June 2024 till 9:30am Sunday 9th June 2024. Please hunt during   this period only.

  •  Possum counting/pig/deer/goat weigh in will begin at 9:00 am at the Te Ranga Hall on Sunday 9th June 2024 at Te Ranga   Community Hall, next to Te Ranga Primary School, 1492 Te  Matai Road, Te Puke

  •  Contestants must have owner’s permission and any necessary permits to enter and hunt on property.

  •  The Team Leader must hold a current Firearms Licence if the team is shooting or a Poisons Licence if the team is poisoning.

  •  In the event of a tie, the animal weighed in first, claims the prize

  •  The judge’s decision is final. Judges reserve the right to withhold prize money with any doubtful entry.

  •  Neither Te Ranga School nor the organisers can be held responsible for the actions of anyone involved, especially regarding personal safety. Every care should be taken by the contestants. Participants enter at their own risk.

  •  NO FIREARMS are to be brought to the prize-giving at the Te Ranga Hall. TAKE THEM HOME AND LOCK THEM AWAY FIRST.

  •  No BYO alcohol at weigh in event


  • All possums to be at the prize-giving at Te Ranga Hall before 10.30am Sunday 9th June 2024. Pests include: Rabbits, Hares, Rats, Wallabies, Stoats and Ferrets. No other animals will be accepted in this category.

  •  All possums must be dead All JOEYS are to be REMOVED and HUMANLY disposed of before coming to competition grounds.

  •  Possums may be shot, trapped, or poisoned. If poisoning – please notify the organizers prior to Thursday 6th June 2024.

  •  All firearms regulations must be obeyed by those shooting possums. IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET.

  •  Neither road kills nor frozen possums will be accepted.

  •  No skinned or plucked possums will be accepted

  •  Mangled or badly disfigured possums will not be accepted as they may be upsetting to the public.

  •  Shoot possums with a 22 rifle only. No possums killed prior to midday Thursday 6th June 2024 will be accepted. This will be at the organizers discretion and strictly adhered to.

  •  Keep possums dry. Don’t store them in piles, plastic bags, or drums. Keep them spread out to cool in a shed away from the sun and moon. No wet, gut shot, frozen, decomposing or “green” possums will be counted or accepted. Only possums bodies in good condition will be accepted.

  •  All possums entered in the competition become the property of Friends of Te Ranga School as they may be skinned or plucked for fundraising.

  •  Pre-select the Heaviest Possum prior to arriving at weigh-in. Tags will be provided for this at the tent on the day.

  •  This is a public event. Photos and videos will be taken on Gala Day Sunday 9th June and will be used for marketing and promotion purposes.


  •  Maximum 2 boars per entry/team

  • Maximum 2 goats per entry/team

  • Maximum 2 fallow per entry/team

  •  All boars entered must be caught by the entrant only.

  •  BOARS ONLY. No barrows or sows.

  •  All animals must be wild. No farm reared or frozen animals.

  •  All pigs must be presented CLEAN GUTTED WITH TESTICLES LEFT IN

  •  All Deer and Goats presented CLEAN GUTTED

  •  All animals must be weighed in one piece.

  •  No decomposing animals accepted.

  •  All Animals must be removed from the premises after prize giving.

  •  In the event of a tie, the pig weighed in first, claims the prize

       All judge’s decisions on the day are to be respected and deemed final.




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