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We encourage our students to begin taking leaderships opportunities right from year 7.
Our year 7 and 8's attend two camps per year, and make the most of education outside the classroom. Last year students in the Hawk Academy went to the TECT adventure park, Papamoa Hills and Te Raparapa a hoe, paddle boarding in Mount Maunganui, and a ski trip to Taupo among many other things. 
Students in the Hawk Academy all have the opportunity to attend AIMS games in year 7&8, as well as the Super 4 tournament where other country schools combine to compete against each other in Hockey, Rippa, Netball and Soccer. 
The seniors have many opportunities for leadership such as Student Council with Head Boy and Girl, production roles, bus monitors, as well as attending the National Young Leaders Day.

Benefits of a Full Primary

Children are less likely to be overlooked or isolated in small schools.
Children in small schools come to know and care about each other to a greater degree than is possible in big schools.
Parents and teachers become allies in fostering student success. Communication between staff is easier, and they are able to work together to build a high-quality curriculum across disciplines and grade levels. Teachers have greater job satisfaction as a result.
Children at small schools tend to take more responsibility for their own learning, learning activities are more individualized, classes are smaller, and teachers are able to employ multi-age grouping and cooperative learning.


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