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Many of our student come from areas beyond our local community. We try exceptionally hard to keep our class numbers small, especially in the junior school. Currently we have 7 teachers with approximately 150 students.

We believe that a positive, happy and successful start to schooling is imperative for future academic and social success for children. Because we cater well for all children, we welcome all enrolment enquiries. However, in 2017 the MOE placed an enrolment scheme at Te Ranga to help manage the school growth. All student within the zone are able to attend. Usually, there are a number of out of zones places available.


If you are thinking about where to send your child or children and would like to visit Te Ranga just to get a feel for the place, then please feel free to organise a visit with the principal.  Aimee would be pleased to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.Please contact the school to see if their are places for your child if you are interested.

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